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Flowers for your Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are a time to reflect and appreciate the time spent with a loved one. Explore the artistry and sentiment behind each floral arrangement and how it can represent someone celebrating one year or 40 years. Here are some of our favorite arrangements to celebrate anniversaries.

Epic Bloomers: 1-10 Years

Epic Bloomers is perfect for celebrating anniversaries in early marriages, from one to 10 years. This vibrant arrangement features hot pink Gerberas, lavender ‘Monte Casino’ asters, lavender and white alstroemeria, hot pink miniature spray roses, and lavender mini carnations. The cheerful hot pink Gerberas symbolize the joy and excitement of a blossoming relationship, capturing the essence of youthful love and shared adventures. This playful mix of colors and textures brings happiness and celebration, making it an ideal gift to honor growing love and commitment each year.

Blossoming Medley: 10-20 Years

If you know someone celebrating their 10-20th wedding anniversary, then Blossoming Medley is perfect for them. Embracing the richness and depth of a mature relationship, this elegant arrangement features hot pink stock, a green hydrangea, pink tulips, hot pink carnations, green trick dianthus, pink roses, and purple statice. The green hydrangea beautifully represents a long-term relationship’s enduring and growing nature with its lush, full blooms. The diverse colors and textures of Blossoming Medley create a harmonious and beautiful display, perfect for honoring a decade or two of shared memories and happiness.

Rendezvous Roses: 20-30 Years

Rendezvous Roses is ideal for commemorating marriages spanning 20 to 30 years. This exquisite arrangement blends lavender, ivory, red, and coral roses with hot pink waxflower. The enchanting lavender roses symbolize the enduring enchantment of a love that has blossomed over decades. Creating an elegant and sentimental tribute to years of shared experiences, deep affection, and unwavering commitment.

Supremely Lovely: 40-50 Years

Celebrating 40-50 years of marriage is a great accomplishment to honor with Supremely Lovely. Fully embracing the grace and resilience of a long-lasting relationship, the pink lilies stand out, symbolizing the prosperity and abundance of decades of shared love and experiences. The harmonious blend of colors and textures in Supremely Lovely captures the essence of a love that has grown deeper and more meaningful over time, making it a perfect tribute to celebrate four to five decades of unwavering commitment and cherished memories.

Gentle Magenta: 50+ Years

50+ years of marriage is a powerful representation of soulmates, embodying the depth and maturity of enduring love. Gentle Magenta includes deep purple tulips, lavender roses, medium green and pink kale, and purple callas. The deep purple tulips symbolize admiration and respect, reflecting the profound appreciation that has grown over the years. With its beautiful blend of colors and textures, Gentle Magenta is a breathtaking tribute to the journey and commitment shared over five decades of marriage.

Celebrate your love story with these exquisite floral arrangements, each designed to honor the unique stages of your marriage. From the joyful beginnings to the deep-rooted commitment of many decades, find the perfect bouquet to commemorate your special anniversaries. Find a local florist near you today!

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